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May 26, 2017

Xcaret vs Xel-Ha: Which Park is Better?

When you’re traveling to Cancun, there’s a big question to ask: which is the best choice between Xcaret and Xel-há? In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to answer it and make the most of your vacations!

To begin with, what are these places?

Both are eco archaeological parks, which means that they’re in the middle of nature and have plenty eco-touristic activities. Visitors can spend some time with the typical flora and fauna in the Mayan Riviera by taking part in cultural and aquatic activities.

Where are they located?

The two eco-parks are in the Mayan Riviera; however, the distances from Cancun vary.


Distance / Time

From Cancun to Xcaret

76.2 km / 1hr 13 min

From Cancun to Xel-há

114.2 km / 1hr 35 min

As you can see, both are more or less at equal distance from Cancun, so we suggest you to choose the park according to what you want to do there.

Advantages of Xcaret

  • Culture: in Xcaret, you’ll better understand the meaning of being Mexican, with a few displays of the Mexican culture like:
  1. Xcaret Spectacular Mexico. This is a night show with more than 30 actors on stage that will take you through the Mexican history, from the pre-Hispanic era to today.
  2. Flyers of Papantla. Part of the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, you’ll see how high they climb to then, fly down while imitating birds.
  • Aquatic activities: you’ll have lots of aquatic fun in Xcaret, where you can enjoy:
  1. Snorkeling tour
  2. Interactive encounter with rays
  3. Swim with dolphins in Cancun or the Riviera Maya in a completely natural environment
  4. Swim with nurse sharks!
  5. Tour in a fast boat around the park
  6. Underground river explorations.
  • Unique attractions: across more than 5 hectares, you will discover plenty more fun attractions!
  1. World of Children
  2. The House of Whispers
  3. Hacienda henequenera
  4. Mexican cemetery
  5. Archaeological areas
  6. Mayan caves

If this park seems more appealing to you, you can acquire an all-inclusive package to Xcaret with unlimited food and beverages, swim with dolphins and more!

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Advantages of Xel-há

On the other hand, Xel-há only has 70 hectares of land and 14 of water. Its name means: “where the water is born”, and this makes total sense as soon as you arrive there.

  • Eco-touristic activities: Xel-Há was the first park in the world to have the sustainability certification at a touristic level: EarthCheck. Some of the activities you can do there include
  1. Snorkeling
  2. Underground rivers tours
  3. Mayan caves
  4. Xel-Há cove
  5. Bay of Caprices
  6. Exploring rifts and caves.
  7. Trekking in the jungle
  8. Mayan cenotes
  9. Plant nursery
  10. Sanctuary of the pink snail
  • Aquatic activities: more fun to be had in turquoise waters:
  1. Swim with dolphins
  2. Walk underwater
  3. Scuba
  4. Interaction with manatees
  5. Zip lining.

As for Xcaret, you can opt for an all-inclusive package to Xel-Há that includes some of these activities!

Xel-há park all inclusive - Swim with dolphins in mexico and more - Delphinus

Both parks are amazing options! If you have the time, you must visit both of them… it’s completely worth it! Discover more about the amazing experience of swimming with dolphins!

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