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December 28, 2016

Where to Swim With Dolphins in Cancun?

To swim with dolphins in Cancun is a unique experience you will enjoy like no other and we want to help you choose the best place to do it.

When you’re looking at the best swim with dolphins in Cancun experiences, you will probably find all kinds of options, however, it is very important that you have references regarding the interactions available in the place you like the most, and be sure that the habitat has everything you expect. 

What to consider when deciding where to swim with dolphins in Cancun?

  • Location 

Cancun and the Riviera Maya together, form a very vast area full of natural beauties and different options to enjoy the best vacations, however, we recommend that you choose a hotel close to the places you want to visit.

For your experience, Delphinus has all-inclusive packages with free transportation from your hotel to the habitat and back

The places that offer free transportation to take you to your swim with dolphins in Cancun are: 

  1. Xcaret
  2. Xel-há
  3. Riviera Maya
  4. Puerto Morelos
  5. Interactive Aquarium Cancun 

Check if your hotel is in the area and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

  • Type of habitat 

There are many different types of habitats where one can interact with dolphins, however, according to our experience, nothing compares to a completely and fully certified setting. 

Here are our favorite habitats and why:

  1. Riviera Maya: as the seat of the Animal Welfare Program Delphinus, this habitat is totally natural and is very close to Playa del Carmen, a worldwide renowned touristic destination, and to Xcaret. 
  1. Xcaret: this park is famous worldwide because of its incredible variety of aquatic activities, including a swim with dolphins. On top of this, this habitat has the Guinness World Record for its successful work with its dolphin reproduction program, so it is very possible that you will see dolphin calves next to their mothers. 
  1. Interactive Aquarium Cancun: if your plan is not to go far from the hotel zone, you can enjoy of the free transportation, this is a very good option to have your swim with dolphins in Cancun. This way you will learn a lot about other marine species that are part of our ecosystem. 
  1. Puerto Morelos: this habitat has always been one of our favorites because it is a very special space, inside a very quiet and naturally beautiful port. In Puerto Morelos, you can swim with dolphins on your own or even with 9 other friends.

If you want to know more about these habitats, you will find all the information you need here: habitats to swim with dolphins in Cancun. 

We believe that you are ready to take your decision, which habitat do you like most? We would love to know your opinion. nado con delfines en cancun