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August 30, 2017

Tell me Who you Travel With, and I'll Tell you When to Come to Cancun

Traveling to Cancun is incredible no matter what time of year you do it. It will always be an unforgettable experience, with several anecdotes and photos that will make your social media look awesome.

However, it is likely that some activities will be easier to do depending on the month of the year, mainly because of the weather and the people. Do you travel alone, with a partner or friends? Make sure you travel at the right time.


If you like going ‘solo’, we recommend traveling on the following dates:

  • From the end of November to the beginning of December, a few weeks during which there is good weather and few people. Photography lovers, for example, love to come right on those days to get the best shots before the start of the winter high season.
  • From January to March, because it’s not hurricane season and it isn’t as warm as during the summer. Besides, there are a lot less tourists, which facilitates doing certain activities such as swimming with dolphins. Since you will not have much competition, these marine mammals will focus all their attention on you.



If you are looking for the best romantic and more quiet spots, with the aim of taking a break from life and enjoying the beach, you should travel on the following dates:

  • Winter Break. It is not too hot and the Christmas atmosphere is spectacular, since there is a significant number of hotels and restaurants that look forward to celebrating the holidays and therefore, many people choose to stay until the new year.
  • Spring. When Easter leaves the place, families with children leave as well. So, it is the perfect time to get a great tan on the best beaches in Cancun and look for the best activities for couples.



If you travel with friends and are looking for more adventurous experiences, you can travel on the following dates:

  • Summer holidays: It is definitely high season, but that means ‘party + nighlife’, you can go to the best clubs to meet people from other places. During the day, you can experience the adventures that Xel-Ha and Xcaret have to offer and swim with dolphins and even test your skills as a dolphin trainer.
  • End of August to December: If you are looking for quieter experiences, take advantage of the fact that the crowds that came in summer are gone. Although it is rainy season, remember that Cancun has very hot weather, which makes rain exciting; this should not be a limitation to have fun, especially in this place of the Mexican Caribbean.



Parents know that Summer means 'no school' and it's when the whole family can go on vacation. That's why it is the best time to bring your children and take them to swim with dolphins in a unique program designed for them. You can also visit places like the Cancun Interactive Aquarium.

If you thought that Cancun was a destination only for family or friends, now you know that no matter who you come with, and even if you come alone, there will always be a perfect time to have fun with the vast possibilities this beautiful place has for you. Do not waste any more time and book now!