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November 02, 2016

What to Do in Xel-Ha? Enjoy It to the Fullest!

The Riviera Maya is characterized by its great variety of activities which you can enjoy during your vacations in Cancun. Among the many places to visit, Xel-há is one of them. It is an aquatic park that you must know and enjoy to the fullest, discover it here.

Once at the park, you will witness the quantity of activities there are, however here are some we believe are unmissable. Are you ready for the adventure? 

  • Activities in Xel-há 

There are more than 22 options in this category, however, we suggest 2 that will make your visit to the park worth it: 

  1. Suspension bridge: can you imagine walking from the Caleta to the Caribbean sea on a suspension bridge? This is a very fun activity that you can share with your friends, and the best of all is that this activity is included in the Xel-há all-inclusive package. 
  1. Chuck Kay Fly: according to the Mayan legends, this was the name of a pelican, this is why there is an analogy between flying like the Chuck Kay and tossing yourself from a liana to the fresh waters of the Caribbean, this activity will accelerate your heartbeat.
  • Optional Activities in Xel-há 

To access these activities, it is important to book in advance. The best way to do it is buying the Dolphinclusive Xel-há, this is an all-inclusive package that includes: swim with dolphins in Cancun + entry to the park + snorkel with dolphins + free transportation + food. 

Besides enjoying a swim with dolphins, you also can: 

  1. Participate in an encounter with manatees,
  2. swim with stingrays,
  3. explore the cenotes with the Snuba technology,
  4. or simply relax in the Xel-há Spa
  • For nature lovers 

Xel-há and the region that forms and surrounds it, are characterized by their exceptional beauty, so enjoying it is something that definitely you have to do, that’s why we recommend that you visit these places inside the Xel-há park:

  1. Xel-há nursery garden,
  2. Meliponary, know the melipon bees,
  3. pink snail sanctuary,
  4. Chacahs garden,
  5. jungle, practice trekking in the incredible Mayan jungle. 
  • Activities for kids in Xel-há

The best of all, is that some of these activities are also for kids. For example, there is a special swim with dolphins just for them: Dolphin kids; another one of the best things to do in Xel-há with kids, is the Kid's World a space dedicated especially for them with an aquatic games area where they will be entertained for hours. 

The best of the Kid’s World in Xel-há, is that while your children are having fun, you can have a quiet rest in the hammocks near where your children will be playing. 

Enjoy the Xel-há all-inclusive experience, enjoy all the activities you can do there and share this experience with your loved ones. Visit the Riviera Maya and enjoy the jungle and Caribbean Sea in a unique vacations in Cancún!

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