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May 25, 2016

What is the Delphinus Reproduction Program?

In Delphinus we ensure that dolphins under our care preserve their natural habits and behaviors; we achieve this because our habitats provide the same dynamic as the sea, they have marine wildlife companions, and we let them live each stage of their lives according to the correct timing.

Reproduction is one of those stages, we foment wellness through an adequate development process, avoiding that any pregnant female take part in our swim with dolphins in Mexico sessions.


Once we detect a gestation period, we give the specific care to the female, for example vitamin E, vitamin B and folic acid supplements. Also, every 15 days we carry out an ultrasound and estimate a date of birth by analyzing the fetus. 

4 months before the birth, the female stops all physical activities that require considerable effort. When a month is left, the gestating female is separated from the other dolphins and taken to the maternity area, which has two nettings, one of which creates a layer of algae which will resemble a serve as a mattress to protect the mother and the calf. 


When a dolphin gives birth, the amount of time the mother and the calf spend together is respected, that way the mother can feed and teach natural behaviors to the baby. In order to do this, they are put in a special area far from where the visitors swim with dolphins. 

After birth, the female is given supplements, vitamins and calcium to stimulate the production and nutritious components of milk. The Delphinus team and volunteers also monitor the breast-feeding periods, and count the number of breaths taken over a 10 minutes period, every hour day and night. 

A successful program 

Thanks to the care given and monitoring of our dolphins in this complex moment that is pregnancy, we have achieved a high rate of reproduction, with 63% of our dolphin population having been born in our habitats.

Live a unique experience with one of the dolphins born in our habitats. Experience a swim with dolphins and get to know one of the most incredible mammals of the ocean up close, you’ll see how unforgettable it is.

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