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June 12, 2019

A Three Day Trip to Puerto Morelos: What to Do

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the most privileged areas of the world, due to a great variety of beaches and paradisiac villages all over its coasts. There, taking a break from the daily routine by enjoying a time of rest and relaxation is also guaranteed. And one of the favorite places to do so—both for residents and visitors—is Puerto Morelos.

Located only 33 kilometers away from Cancun, this fishing town offers you a wide range of activities in a very close area.

Just to give you an idea, in a 6.5 miles radius you can find cenotes, a botanical garden, a crocodile farm and, as a main attraction, the second largest coral reef in the world.

Despite its air of "secret hideout", at Puerto Morelos you can have access to premium accommodations with all the amenities, as well as to a wide range of aquatic experiences such as kayaking, diving and swimming with dolphins.

In order to help you make the most of your time at this destination, in this article we’d like to share this three-day itinerary in Puerto Morelos, arranged in a mix of fun, relaxing and vibrant activities.


Upon your arrival at the Cancun International Airport, you can take a taxi directly to Puerto Morelos… and in about half an hour you’ll be there!

One of the most recommended accommodations is the Hotel Resort Marina El Cid, which offers you spa services, gourmet restaurants and separate pool areas for families and adults, among other amenities.

After settling things in your room, you can go outside and take a walk on the beach, or simply lie in a hammock to contemplate the turquoise tones of the sea.

We also recommend that you use this time to book a place in the activities for the next couple of days, such as the boat trip to the marina (which only leaves once a day) or the snorkeling tour on the reefs.

And to get started with the memories… how about a swim with dolphins? A few steps from the Marina El Cid Resort you'll find the habitat of Delphinus, the best place to have this experience.

This is how you swim with dolphins in Puerto Morelos >

When planning your trip to Puerto Morelos, we recommend you to buy your tickets online to save time and take advantage of a special discount for early booking.

After 15 minutes of induction, the swim can last between 35 to 45 minutes during which you can touch the dolphins, or they can propel you full speed in a foot-push. Or, if you are looking for a more romantic experience, you better ask for the Couples Dreams package and enjoy pampering these loving creatures.

If this experience makes you hungry, you can go explore the town by foot or by bike and discover the local cuisine. And don’t miss the chance to take a selfie by the inclined lighthouse, which became so after the passage of a strong hurricane.


The second morning you can spend it in Maroma, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area for its white sand and its peaceful waters. To get there you must have booked in advance your ride by catamaran (sailing boat).

At mid-afternoon, you can take a tour through the cenotes of crystalline waters such as La Noria or Verde Lucero, where you can swim, dive, ride zip lines or rent a motorcycle to explore the surrounding jungle.

Back at the hotel, you can enjoy a soothing massage at the palapa. For dinner, you can hit the Hacienda Arrecife restaurant, which on top of its joyful atmosphere offers you a full Mexican menu and a variety of 50 tequilas!


Before saying goodbye to Puerto Morelos, you cannot miss going snorkeling on the reef. By being surrounded by colorful corals and tropical fish, we’re absolutely sure that this beautiful landscape will overwhelm you and connect you again with the natural spirit.

In the afternoon, you can visit the Yaax 'Ché botanical garden, a 16-acre sanctuary for the regional flora and fauna, where you can also admire an archaeological site and ride through a hanging bridge.

And for the finale, you can take a walk by the mangrove area (on the access road to the village) or go buy a souvenir at the Handicraft Market.

No matter how brief or extensive your visit to Puerto Morelos is, we guarantee that the time you spend at this jewel of the Caribbean will be so stimulating... that you’ll die to get back!

Are you planning a visit already? Book a swim with dolphins in Puerto Morelos today!