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July 13, 2016

Care for the environment during your activities in Cancun

Taking part in activities in Cancun during your vacation does not have to be an impediment for either you or your family to take care of the environment. You could participate in ecotourism activities or be responsible when choosing the activities you will perform during your stay.

Caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of where we live or what we work in. We can be more likely to pollute whilst in a natural environment such as the beach but we can also help and do our bit for the environment.

  • Walk more, drive less 

When picking out your hotel or activities in Cancun, try to make sure that everything you need is within walking distance. This way, you won’t need to use the car as much and can walk more. You won’t only be helping the environment but you will also contaminate less and even save some money. 

Renting a bike is also an excellent option, you should consider it! 

  • Don’t throw litter on the beach

Every time you go the beach, bring a bag or recipient with you to keep your trash in, don’t leave it on the beach. Not only will this annoy other vacationers, it can also confuse certain animals, such as birds and seagulls, leading them to think that it is a prey and causing them to die after consuming leftovers. 

Try to reuse your plastic bags and avoid asking for more every time you go to the supermarket because they take a considerable amount of time to degrade and many end up in the ocean.

  • Avoid throwing trash or liquids into the sea 

The sea is not a trash dump, therefore during your activities in Cancun, do not throw anything into the ocean. An entire ecosystem lives in the deep sea waters, including flora and fauna that can be affected by any foreign liquid. The same happens with trash. 

If you are traveling with children, participating in beach activities in Cancun can be a good moment to educate them about caring for the environment, not only while at the beach but at all times. 

Know more about beach cleanups, environmental education programs in Cancun, plan and enjoy your vacation like never before, for a brilliant blue planet!

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