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February 02, 2017

The Best Aquatic Activities in Cancun

You can’t go to Cancun and not take part in an aquatic activity… It would be like going to the beach and not getting tanned. There are so many different options that it’s really hard to make a decision; however, you can find the very best in this article, so you can plan with plenty of time!

The best aquatic activities in Cancun

Cancun is not only one of the most beautiful places in Mexico and the world, but it’s also a destination with a lot of alternatives for an adventure and having fun. It’s the ideal place to make the most of the beach without ever getting bored!

Here are some suggestions for enjoying the Caribbean at the most with these activities:

1. Underground rivers

Xcaret is an excellent place to discover the underground rivers that run in the peninsula. The best part is that you can let yourself go by the soft streams of these colorful rivers. Here you can admire the pink flamingos and some plants that you wouldn’t see in other places. This is an ideal activity for families.

2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is to the eye what dessert is to our palate. In Cancun, there are several spots with a gorgeous underwater view, but the next three are the best you can find for snorkeling:

  1. Underwater Museum of Cancun: it has more than 470 real-size sculptures… under the sea!
  2. Isla Mujeres: this place is ideal for watching turtles in their natural habitat.
  3. Puerto Morelos: you can find the second largest coral reef in the world!

3. Swimming with dolphins in Cancun

Swimming with dolphins is a unique experience that you can live during your vacations in Cancun. Being close to this mammal will change your perspective about the sea world.  There are 3 especial places, completely natural, for swimming with dolphins in Cancun:

  1. Punta Cancun: located in on one of the most exclusive hotels in the area, this habitat is fed by an arm of Nichupté lagoon.
  2. Cancun Interactive Aquarium: besides swimming with dolphins in Cancun, you will learn about other amazing aquatic species and their environment.
  3. Puerto Morelos: if you are going to snorkel in this place, you can also make some time for swimming with dolphins. It’s going to be awesome!

4. Parasailing

Enjoy a privileged view from the heights of Cancun, fly up to 80 meters above the sea and admire the color variety in the ocean, the hotel zone and the nearest islands. This activity is completely safe and it doesn’t require a lot of physical effort, so everyone in the family can enjoy it.

Which activity is your favorite? You can find even more options here!

You just need to make a decision. Choose your ideal activity and live an exciting vacation in Cancun!

Swim with dolphins in Cancún