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Delphinus nado perfecto para ninios
July 17, 2019

Swimming with Dolphins: A Perfect Summer Experience for Kids!

It's summertime, and your kids might already be anxious to take the plane down to Cancun to start living the adventure of a lifetime. In their calendars, they have marked all the beach and aquatic activities they wish to do, and swimming with dolphins surely is number one on their list. Keep reading so you find out how to make this experience a perfect moment for your children.

As a parent, you may have doubts about whether or not this is the ideal activity for the young ones. So here we have some answers so you can let your children enjoy an adventure that will make their hearts and minds reflect on the world that they are part of.

What’s the right age for my kid to swim with dolphins?

Every child, no matter its age, can live this incredible experience. However, if your kids are less than 8 years old, they will have to be accompanied either by yourself or by an adult who can prove they are the legal tutor or have your authorization. Children over the age of 8, though, can swim with dolphins on their own if they so desire.

It’s also worth mentioning that Delphinus has swimming programs that easily adapt to the age and personality of your children: for example, in the Splash swim they can hug, sing, and play “water wars” with the dolphin. And for maximum fun and excitement, in the Ride  or Supreme programs your little ones can cross the pool full-speed hanging from the dolphin's fin, or be propelled by the air in a foot-push.

Delphinus foot-push

If my children don't know how to swim, can they also live the experience?

Definitely! Anyone who swims with dolphins has to wear a lifejacket vest, for their own safety and that of others, regardless of whether or not they know how to swim. The good news is that we have vests for every person’s size, even for children.

Delphinus kiss

Is there anything else kids need to know before interacting with dolphins?

Just to be prepared to enjoy a wonderful time and learn lots of cool facts about the ocean’s most intelligent mammals! During the interaction, the dolphin instructors will do their best to make your kid feel comfortable, so you and your child will only need to focus on vibing the coolest vibes.

Delphinus splash wars

What can a child expect from a swimming with dolphins experience?

Besides getting to know the main characteristics of the dolphins—like their feeding habits, social behaviors, and body functions—, kids can take part in many different activities such as communicating with them through hand gestures, dance with them, hug them, receive kisses from them, and so much more! Check out this video!

After the interaction, the instructors will share with your kids an easy-to-understand message about the role that each living being plays in the environment’s life cycle.

So, there you have it! Don’t miss out and allow your kids to live a unique experience that they will cherish forever and that will make them connect to the world they live in. 

Swim with dolphins in Cancún