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October 18, 2017

What Makes our Dolphins the Healthiest?

One of the main concerns when looking for a place to swim with dolphins, is the level of care and commitment it has to these marine mammals and the environment. It is important that conservation and sustainability are taken seriously.

The Importance of Appropriate Care

To someone who experiences a swim with dolphins for the first time, these creatures might seem identical. However, an expert in dolphin care knows that each one is different and therefore needs particular attention.

At Delphinus we are fully aware of this. That’s why we have the right infrastructure and personnel trained to carry out this job, apart from having strict quality standards regarding dolphin care and feeding.

One example is the 'Fishhouse', where we classify our dolphins’ food and provide them with a totally personalized food plan.

Keeping food clean and in a constant cold chain is as important as any medical treatment. One way to prevent dolphins from needing veterinary attention is to throw away fish or squids that are mistreated or putrid.

When a person goes with a nutritionist, one of their concerns is that he or she will give you a diet plan that will really stick to your habits, physiognomy and different parameters that will make that diet work. The same goes for dolphins: we strive to know them so well, we even know what each one likes, what foods they need to eat and how much in order to stay healthy.

This level of attachment and commitment applies to all aspects of dolphin care. Each day, we monitor their health, their diet and their supplement administration, as well as their behavior; we also run tests constantly. 



As you will see, in Delphinus we treat our marine mammals like anyone would care for someone important: with love. Feel free to witness it next time you come and swim with dolphins in any of our locations. We know you’ll be amazed!