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June 28, 2017

Traveling Solo? Check Out the Perfect Swim with Dolphins for You!

Traveling solo is one of the experiences that every person should live at least once in a lifetime. Spending time on your own, pleasing your own desires and going at your own rhythm is one of the best sensations while traveling.

However, you probably think that there are some activities that you can’t do by yourself on a solo journey, since most people do them with family or friends, like swimming with dolphins. This doesn’t have to be like that.

At Delphinus, we have a great variety of interactions that will give you the opportunity to spend some time with these incredible mammals, either in a group with more people or on your own. On this occasion, we want to talk about a swim with dolphins in Cancun that is perfect to enjoy on your own: The ONE!

A swim with dolphins for solo travelers

Swimming with dolphins is a very special adventure and is usually shared with your beloved ones, since it is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories of the encounter. However, if you want to be alone with these creatures, The One is a type of swim that will give you 45 minutes in the water with them, doing the activities that you like best with them. It’s your choice!

What can you expect?

  1. Wait in your hotel until our van picks you up for your interaction.
  2. Receive training for 15 minutes about environmental care and how to treat dolphins during the interaction.
  3. Touch, kiss, hug and ride the dolphin during 45 minutes.
  4. Stand over the water with a foot push!
  5. Do more than 20 different activities with the most beautiful mammals in the ocean.

What you should know…

  • During your swim with dolphins, you can’t enter with cameras in the interaction area. This is due to safety precautions for the dolphins, trainers and visitors.
  • You can leave your personal objects in the lockers of our facilities. Remember that you can only enter with your swimsuit and your sandals to the interaction area.
  • We’ll provide you towels for once you have finished your adventure with the dolphins.
  • Free transportation is only included from your hotel to the closest habitat. Read more about it here.

If your solo trip involves thinking about life and nature, a swim with dolphins is the ideal activity to include on it. Being in touch with them will make you acknowledge the importance of taking care of the planet, even with small actions.

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