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September 28, 2016

Swim With... One of the 5 Most Intelligent Animals on the Planet

The planet is an incredible place where many species cohabit in a unique space. Although the human being is by far the most intelligent species, certain animals are also distinguished for their rational, social and emotional skills. Do you want to know which are the 5 most intelligent animals on the planet?

In this article, we will pay tribute to those species that stand out from others because of their skills and intelligence within the animal kingdom, find out about these incredible animals.

  1. Chimpanzee 

The chimpanzee is one of the animals that most resembles the human being because of the way it communicates with others, uses tools, hunts, collects food, among other attitudes that are clear evidence of its high level of intelligence. 

Some experts say that the human being and the chimpanzee share more than 90% of genetic material, so their great intellectual capacity is not surprising.

  1. Dolphin 
This is the ocean’s most intelligent marine mammal and it has such a good relationship with man that, it has been proven that for years it has been helping in our fishing activities. Dolphins’ social skills are so developed that they recognize each other, give each other names and live in groups.

Additionally, and similarly to the chimpanzees, they use tools for hunting or defending themselves from their predators. Their relationship with humans is so natural that they search for it, if you don’t believe this, we invite you to swim with dolphins and see for yourself how incredible this marine species is. 

  1. Crow

Crows are amazing birds, with a great retention capacity and unique social skills, through which they build lasting relationships with a high level of empathy for their peers.

Also, they memorize the places where other animals keep their food in order to steal it from them later. Whether they are used for good or bad, their capabilities are incredible.

  1. Octopus 

Octopuses are challenged right from birth because they don’t have another octopus to can teach them how to hunt or defend themselves, they are practically self-taught and are considered the most intelligent invertebrates of the animal kingdom. 

With their tentacles they are able to identify things around them, they can even open a bottle! Can you imagine? Although they are amazing and we have recommended that you swim with dolphins, the same does not apply with octopuses, given that they have very effective and dangerous defense mechanisms. 

  1. Pig 

This animal has the great ability to adapt to any climate and environment, so if you’ve ever wondered why there are pigs all over the world, this is the reason. This capacity for adaptability is proof of how fast their brain works to recognize different ecosystems and climates. 

They are able to resolve all kind of problems, which is another reason why they can adapt so easily to any environment. It is no coincidence that they are becoming pets, because they share many similarities with dogs and cats.

All animals are amazing but it seems that these 5 here really stand out. If you want to know more about one of them up close and witness its skills and intelligence, you have to live a swim with dolphins experience. There is no better way to learn more about this incredible marine mammal. Make it happen!

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