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June 23, 2017

Why Should You Swim with Dolphins in a Certified Habitat?

If you love dolphins, you should keep in mind these reasons for choosing a certified habitat at Delphinus to live a unique experience.

1. Dolphins’ wellness

Since dolphins are the most important being in our organization, taking care of them is our main responsibility. At Delphinus, we have an Animal Welfare Program that keeps these precious mammals in perfect shape!

As part of the program, our experts design a healthy diet, according to their age, sex, development and reproductive condition, so every dolphin gets exactly what they need.

In the natural habitats of Delphinus, dolphins are constantly watched to prevent diseases, they’re checked everyday in order to find any behavioral or physical changes.

2. Continuous stimulation

Dolphins are widely known for their intelligence. In the natural habitats of Delphinus, they learn to trust in humans and to know more about them through constant coexistence.

Our specialists in animal care have successfully taught them to communicate with sign language, positively stimulating them to keep developing their intelligence and to learn more everyday.

3. Appropriate rest

Just as any other living being, dolphins need a lot of time to have fun and rest. Our interaction groups alternate constantly, so a dolphin can only interact for half an hour with humans and then, rest one hour before interacting with them again. On average, a dolphin interacts with humans 4 times a day, so they have plenty of time to rest and have fun with the others.

Similarly, we have a great respect for every dolphin’s mood and temperament, so if one of them is not feeling like interacting with humans, we respect its decision and let it rest, but we keep watching it, looking for signs of diseases.

4. Recognition

A lot of national and international organizations have recognized Delphinus and its natural habitats. Also, several universities and research centers have made alliances with Delphinus to know and learn more about dolphins, and to take care of them in the best possible way.

The habitats in Delphinus are ideal to discover these stunning mammals in a safe and healthy environment for them. Discover our best types of swims!

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