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January 20, 2017

4 Plans for a Holiday Getaway in Mexico

If you are bored of the holidays that seems and feel like always? Maybe it is time to do something different and to dare to try new things, if you are willing to do it, what you are going to read next will really like you.

Nothing better than to start this year doing new and different things, that is why we bring to you today, 4 different plans for a unique holiday, choose what you like the most!

  1. Weekend escape 

If you have some trouble having enough time for the holidays that your expecting so much, don’t worry, you can enjoy a little vacations in a regular weekend or in a long one, how? Next we will give you some examples: 

  • Spend some days in a hotel of your city.
  • Visit some city or another town near to you, where you haven’t been before.
  • Plan a thematic trip: gastronomic, of wine tourism or ecotourism.
  • Think in extreme activities near of where you live: rappel, climbing, mountain biking, etc. 
  1. Something more than just beach 

It is possible that for a lot of people, going to the beach every vacations it’s a cliché, however it’s not the only type of destination you can visit. Why if you are suffering a very hot weather, your solution is to going to a hotter place? Why not to think ins a colder place like a cabin in the woods or in the mountains? 

Think in a different ecosystem that can surprise you with another kind of activities or unpredictable landscapes.

  1. Road Trip 

Imagine that you are the only owner of your time and your decisions, and you have the entire control of your movements, take the command of your steering wheel and go wherever you want to go, stop as many times as you want or when the landscape or the road asks you to. Live a trip in a different way and know places near from your home place in a more independent way. 

Something that you have to live at least once in a lifetime, for sure. 

  1. Holidays with adrenaline 

If you are a vacationer that prefer have action than relaxing during the holidays, we can ensure you that the next options will be very attractive for you:

  • Swim with dolphins in Cancun: besides that dolphins are very kind animals, and since always they have been looking for a close contact with human being, they are imposing and very impressive animals, this is why experience an interaction of this nature with them is something that definitely it’s going to change your life forever. 

Highly recommended: swim with dolphins in Cancun.

  • Rafting y kayak in river: the most recommended places to practice these activities are Rio Antigua in Veracruz, the rivers Santo Domingo and Jatate in Chiapas, or the Rio Copalita in Oaxaca. An adrenaline that you will be able to share with your friends and it will become addictive.
  • Flying in delta wing: Mexico has the great advantage of having a lot of ecosystems that gives you the possibility of do activities like this one, Valle de Bravo in the Mexico State is very well known by tourists all around the world for the spectacular view that you will have in front of your eyes while you’re flying through the skies of the region. 

With these different options, we can ensure you that you will plan a unique holidays, a very authentic from the ones you are used to, no matter if it’s a swim with dolphins in Cancun or overfly the skies of Valle de Bravo, try to give a twist to your daily routine and build unique memories.

Swim with dolphins in Cancún