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December 14, 2016

Read this before you swim with dolphins in Cancun!


We are very proud of you and your decision to finally experience a swim with dolphins in Cancun, we are sure that you won’t regret it, we can even say that you will want to come back for more, but before that, read the following very carefully.

There are several important things to consider about what you are about to live, for your own safety, that of your companions and the dolphins, who are happy to have you in their habitats.

Before anything else, we want to tell you that the swim with dolphins in Cancun is an entirely safe activity, and to keep it this way, pay attention to the next recommendations:

  • Don’t bring anything more than the necessary with you 

Even though we have lockers at your disposition for you to keep your personal things, we recommend that you don’t bring anything you won’t need. The only thing you need to take with you is your swimming suit. We will provide a lifejacket which is the only thing you will need for the interaction.

  • Does your hotel have free transportation?

We really like to make things easy for our visitors, that is why we offer free transportation from certain hotels; we suggest that you check if your hotel is one of them. These are some of the trips we offer:

  • To the Interactive Aquarium Cancun, if you are in the Cancun hotel area.
  • To Delphinus Puerto Morelos, if you are in a hotel in Puerto Morelos.
  • To Delphinus Riviera Maya and Xel-Há, if you are in a hotel in the Riviera Maya.

Know more about this incredible service here: free transportation.

  • Know more about your swim with dolphins in Cancun

It is very important that you know about the activities you will be doing during your interaction beforehand, why? Because, for example, if you are going to experiment the foot push, we recommend that women wear a one piece swimming suit to feel more comfortable.

If you have already decided you want to swim with dolphins but don’t know yet what interaction to choose, we recommend that you read this article which will help you choose the perfect swim with dolphins in Cancun according to your personality. Discover the ideal interaction for you!

  • Get more tips about the habitats

If you booked online or with a discount, you must bring a printed copy of your reservation printed and official ID. Read up on the minimum height and age to participate in the interaction and don’t miss a thing about your swimming with dolphins activity.

Find more information here: habitats tips.

We believe that with this information, you are ready to begin this incredible adventure that you won’t forget. If you haven’t made up your mind yet and are still wondering if it’s a good idea or not, trust us, you will want to do it more than just once.

Are you ready?

Swim with dolphins in Cancún