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Three day trip to Puerto Morelos: what to do

Activities in Puerto Morelos

The Mexican Caribbean is one of the most privileged areas of the world, due to a great variety of beaches and paradisiac villages all over its coasts. There, taking a break from the daily routine by enjoying a time of rest and relaxation is also guaranteed. And one of the favorite places to do so—both for residents and visitors—is Puerto Morelos.


Why should you visit the Interactive Aquarium of Cancun?

Activities in Cancun

Whenever you visit a beach destination you may feel curious about the wonders of coastal ecosystems or, even more, be anxious to explore the depths of the sea. Luckily, you don’t need to hire an expedition by boat or a costly underwater guide to do so, since many coastal cities like Cancun have local aquariums you can check out


10 activities to do in Playa Mujeres

Nado con Delfines | Swim with dolphins in Mexico | Activities in Cancun | Actividades en Cancún | Activities in Playa Mujeres | Actividades en Playa Mujeres

Despite the great offer of hotels, restaurants and activities that Cancun offers, we understand that the large number of people, excessive partying and the saturated beaches can be a bit overwhelming, especially during high seasons. That is why several people opt for the excl


Xenotes: mysticism, nature and adventure in this experience

Xenotes is a tour full of magic that allows you to perform different activities in the four types of cenotes that exist. Apart from exploring its millennial environment, you can make activities such as abseiling, zip-lines, kayaking and swimming in aquatic exploration.