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July 20, 2016

Must-do activities in Cancun during your next summer vacation

To make your next vacation in Mexico an unforgettable experience, here are a few suggestions of activities in Cancun you will definitely want to include in your summer plans!

Cancun is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, and for domestic and foreign tourists it is even considered a must-see destination, so no matter if it is the first or tenth time you come here, we highly recommend the following activities in Cancun: 

  • Visit to the archaeological sites 

On the outskirts of Cancun and very near the area, there are plenty of archaeological ruins that were built and inhabited at some point in history by the Mayan culture. Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba are some of them and by visiting these magnificent structures, you will have the opportunity to learn more about how amazing the Mayan culture was. 

  • Make contact with marine mammals 

One of the things that make the Mexican Caribbean so unique and different from other beach destinations is the wildlife that inhabits it, whale sharks and dolphins teach us more about the ocean’s most incredible marine mammals. 

If you want to be in true contact with one of them, you could try swimming with dolphins. Thanks to this experience, you will learn more about one of the ocean and planet’s most intelligent marine specie. Are you ready for it?

  • Sacred cenotes 

The cenotes were sacred spaces to the Mayas. They are fresh water wells in the middle of the jungle in the Riviera Maya that are now one of the must-do activities in Cancun. You can visit them and learn about the history of each one. 

Cenote Dos Ojos, the Grand Cenote, the Cenote Calavera or Cenote Escondido are just some of the cenotes in which you can go swimming, snorkeling and discover for yourself the mysticism they represented to the Mayan culture. 

  • Cancun Interactive Aquarium 

Inside Cancun’s largest shopping center, you will find the Cancun Interactive Aquarium in which, both children and adults, can learn more about marine species, touch a sea urchin or experience swimming with dolphins. Visit the aquarium and enjoy an interactive experience. 

  • Aquatic and ecological parks 

One of the greatest activities this destination has to offer are two of Mexico’s unique aquatic parks: Xcaret and Xel-Ha. Here, aquatic activities and sports are unlimited, it is worth spending a full day in each park.

Swimming in underground rivers, zip lining, touring the jungle, enjoying the night shows about the Mayan culture and swimming with dolphins are only some of the things you can do there. 

There is no excuse to not make the most of this amazing destination in the Mexican Caribbean, plan your activities in Cancun and get ready to live a unique experience during the summer.