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March 22, 2017

March 22: World Water Day

On March 22 of each year, the World Water Day is celebrated with the purpose of informing the population of the importance of the water for life on the planet.

This day was first formally proposed in 1992 in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.  In 1993, the first World Water Day was designated by the United Nations General Assembly. Since then, different countries, among them Mexico, have been celebrating with activities, such as:

  • exhibitions
  • theater
  • water racing
  • conferences
  • cinema

in order to promote the sustainable management and rational use of this vital resource.

Following we have some interesting facts that we should know about water:

  1. 70% of the Earth is covered by water, of which only 3% is fresh water, and 2% of this freshwater is frozen.
  2. Recalling the water cycle: in a period of 100 years, a molecule of water spends 98 years in the ocean, 20 months in the form of ice, 2 weeks in lakes and rivers, and less than a week in the atmosphere.
  3. 55% of the weight of a human adult is water and is constantly lost as a result of the sweat and urine, which is why we need to drink two liters of water on average per day.
  4. Humans could survive a month without food, but only seven days without drinking water.
  5. Dolphins do not drink fresh water, since they remain in the ocean all the time, so they obtain it by oxidizing the fats of the fish they eat.
  6. The kidney of Sea lions is particularly adapted to store the greatest amount of salt as possible and eliminate it through the urine.

Let's take care of water!