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November 30, 2016

All About the All-Inclusive Xcaret Package

The best thing that can happen while you are on vacations, is to know that you can have it all of the best at an only price, avoiding lines, prices increased or other inconvenients. That is why today we want you to know the Xcaret all inclusive package, one of the best aquatic parks in the world.

What is Xcaret?

Xcaret is an archaeological eco park in the Riviera Maya, where aquatic, land, ecotourism and cultural activities combined, all of this is possible because it was belong once to the mayan culture.

Did you know that in Xcaret there is an Island of jaguars and a place of butterflies? There are more than 50 activities, that offer fun choices to everybody. There are always answers to the question what to do in Xcaret.

What to do in Xcaret? Activities included

Among the attractions included with your pass to Xcaret, you will be able to enjoy the next ones:

  • Scenic tower: enjoy a full panoramic view of the park.
  • Whisper house: with a singular architecture, have fun listening the whispers in this house.
  • Henequen farm: a typical house of the XIX century, where the henequen was made.
  • Mexican cementery: located inside the farm, a place with a lot of folcklore.
  • Mayan caves: get inside the mayan culture through their secret passages.
  • Archaeological zone: Xcaret was in another time, a ceremonial center and a community dedicated to the commerce, you will find a lot of mayan vestiges.
  • Paradise river: discover the underground rivers of Xcaret in a raft.

Between so much more.

Xcaret all inclusive

From each and every perspective, Xcaret is a paradise that you have to visit, walk and know in a deep way. However, the main goal of this article was bring to you an option that includes a swim with dolphins in Cancun, get to know it and don’t wait so long to live an adventure withaot comparison in the Mexican Caribbean.

The Xcaret all inclusive package we’ve been talking about, it is called <strong>Dolphinclusive Xcaret,</strong> find below the activities that includes:

  • Free transportation: hotel –Xcaret Park and back to your hotel after the night show.
  • Swim with dolphins in Cancun: Delphinus Interax.
  • Entry to Xcaret Park:
    1. Opening times: 8:30 am to 9:30 pm.
    2. Access to all the facilities.
    3. Shows, exhibitions and cultural tours.
    4. Water activities in underground rivers.
    5. Access to the beach, cove and natural pools.
    6. Show "Xcaret Mexico Espectacular".

If you book online, you will find this incredible Xcaret all inclusive package since $170.45 USD. Get advantage of the best price booking online and with time. 

Among the places to visit in Cancun, Xcaret is unmissable, don’t think about it and enjoy with your family a mayan experience in the spectacular Mexican Caribbean, a swim with dolphins in Cancun or an idilic trip through the underground rivers. Xcaret park all inclusive - Swim with dolphins in Mexico and more - Delphinus