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February 09, 2016

5 fun facts about dolphins!

Dolphins are, without a doubt, very intelligent marine mammals since they develop different skills that allow them to adjust both to aquatic environments and to moments of interaction with other living beings, including the human being.

At Delphinus, we make sure our visitors’ experience and swim with dolphins in Cancun is unforgettable. This is why, today, we share with you some interesting facts about these fascinating animals.

  • Breathing

Did you know that for dolphins breathing is a voluntary act and not a reflex? What we mean by this is that they decide when to come to the surface to breathe, unlike us who do it involuntarily. How do they breath? Through their blowhole, situated on top of their head. 

  • They live in groups 

Whether they are living in the wild or under human care, dolphins live in groups in which they develop certain social behaviors. Some of the behaviors observed are: the feeling of being accompanied, parental care and sexual intercourse for reproduction and pleasure.

  • At bedtime

Unlike us, dolphins are never fully asleep, they never disconnect from what happens around them. When they sleep, only one of the hemispheres in their brain goes to rest, while the other is kept in visual and auditory alert to detect the presence of predators or to keep breathing.

  • Extremely developed hearing

Dolphins’ auditory and nervous systems process sounds faster than our own; this is due to their echolocation ability. The range of hearing of a healthy human being is in betwen 15 and 20,000 Hz, while that of the dolphin goes from 75 to 150,000 Hz; they can detect objects at a distance of up to 70 meters, approximately.

  • Skin and touch

Dolphins’ sense of touch is very well developed and it is thought that the areas around their eyes, blowhole, rostrum and genitalia are the most sensitive, since they present a greater concentration of nerve terminals.

If you are interested in knowing more about dolphins and their life in the dolphinariums of Delphinus, just click here, and know more about the possibility to swim with dolphins in Cancun and delve into a unique world with this unmatched marine specie.

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