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April 07, 2017

All-inclusive Xcaret Park for your next vacations!


It would be wrong to travel to Cancun and not go to the aquatic Park Xcaret. Why? Because it has everything to enjoy the best things about this area of Mexico! Discover what to do and an amazing all-inclusive package!

If you think that Xcaret is entertaining for kids only, you’re mistaken, because it’s not only for them but also for the whole family. Fun is guaranteed for everyone, no matter how different you all are!

Benefits of booking Xcaret all-inclusive

Here are all the benefits of an all-inclusive package in Xcaret:

  1. Free transportation to and from your hotel (You should check that the hotel where you're staying has this service; if not, we can offer you meeting points to pick you up).
  2. Interax swim with dolphins
  3. Snorkel
  4. Food and beverages
  5. Lockers and restrooms
  6. Full-day access to Xcaret park:
    • Opening times: 8:30 am to 9:30 pm.
    • Access to all the facilities.
    • Shows, exhibitions and cultural tours.
    • Water activities in underground rivers.
    • Access to the beach, cove and natural pools.
    • Show "Xcaret Mexico Espectacular".

You won’t need anything else with this amazing offer! If you want to know the price of this package, just click here.

3 activities you can do in Xcaret!

  • Swim in underground rivers: this activity is part of the all-inclusive package in Xcaret. The water in these rivers belongs to a natural web of canals that run under the Peninsula.

If you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry. That’s not an impediment to enjoy this magical experience, since everyone must wear a life jacket.

  • Swim with dolphins: we’ve said it before but we’ll say it again: swimming with dolphins is a must during your trip to Cancun! This activity is also part of the all-inclusive offer, so there you have another reason to book it!
  • Discover coral reefs: did you know that Xcaret has an aquarium with a natural reef? This place is the habitat of more than 5,000 species, so you will learn more about marine life without getting wet.

Discover more about the activities in this amazing aquatic park!

Do you need more reasons to include Xcaret on your bucket list for you next vacations? Spring Break is already here… don’t miss the opportunity!

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