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December 23, 2016

Top 5 Activities in Xcaret for Couples

One of the recommendations that many experts agree on to maintain a healthy relationship, is to share unique activities together. Bearing this in mind, we bring to you 5 activities in Xcaret that you should do with that one person that takes your breath away. 

To start off with, we suggest you choose the Mexican Caribbean as the location for the most romantic holidays with your partner, Xcaret in particular, which is an aquatic park with many activities

  1. For action lovers

If you both share a love for motorized experiences, Adrenalina is an aquatic activity in which you and your partner will be on a ship sailing the Caribbean at full speed.

If motorized vehicles aren't your thing, we have very original options that you may love: swimming with sharks and discover the ocean's depths thanks to Snuba.

Swimming with sharks will allow you interact in a safety and fun way with this dreaded ocean specie. You will discover its nature and get to know more about them.

  1. Swimming in cenotes 

There is nothing more romantic than discovering the hidden cenotes with your partner, each of those are dedicated to every natural element, where you can take part in many activities such as snorkel, rappel or kayak for two. Sounds good don’t you think?  

  1. Spa for two 

Can you imagine being in a lagoon created naturally by the underground rivers that form Xcaret and receiving a massage just like a Mayan blessing? Take some time to relax with your partner and forget all your concerns for a moment. Xpá is a unique activity to leave the stress behind, enjoy a 100% natural environment and share a peaceful and harmonious place with your partner. 

  1. Swim with dolphins in Cancun 

Interacting with the ocean’s most intelligent animal is a unique experience and the best part is that you can share this moment with the person you love through an interaction designed especially for two: Couples. You can find this activity very close to Xcaret, just 10 minutes away from the Riviera Maya.

Many couples around the world dream of something like this; a swim with dolphins in Cancun.

If you prefer to stay in Xcaret park, you can choose the all-inclusive Xcaret package, which includes free transportation, an interaction with dolphins and access to other aquatic activities that you will both love. 

  1. Xcaret México Espectacular

During this event, you will witness more than 300 hundred actors who will take you on a journey through the history of our country, through the most emblematic traditions and dances since prehispanic times until today. 

A nocturne spectacle to end an excellent day in one of the world’s best aquatic parks. Best of all is that this is included in your all-inclusive Xcaret package. 

We don’t need to say any more about it, traveling to the Mexican Caribbean requires an obligatory visit to Xcaret, this park offers so much natural beauty and is very popular for its swim with dolphins in Cancun and other aquatic activities, do you feel ready to book?

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