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Delphinus 5 things before swim with dolphins
December 09, 2019

5 Things You Should Know Before Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun

Usually, those who have lived the experience of swimming with dolphins in Cancun find it to be so magical and emotional that, once they're back at home, they tend to go straight to their friends and relatives and recommend them to do the same.

But even after hearing the accounts of how wholesome this activity is, some people may still have concerns about going at it for the first time

That’s why today we'd like to share with you the 5 things you should know before your interaction with dolphins, knowing that these points will make you feel more confident and eager to do it. Check them out!



1. You Don’t Need to Know How to Swim 

Our dolphin habitats are significantly deep and large because dolphins are big and active and require large spaces; however, if you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry! You can still live the experience. 

Swimming areas are designed in such a way that there’s always a platform on which you can stand perfectly.

Besides, everyone who participates in our programs must wear a life vest without exception. We provide our guests with a life vest adapted to their weight and size. 

2. Children and People with a Handicap can Also Participate 

Children over 1 meter tall can live the experience, as well as people with a handicap. 

We believe that everybody should have a chance to live this kind of interaction. That’s why we offer different swimming programs so no one is excluded from this moment.  

3. No Jewelry or Sunscreen Allowed

For the dolphins’ safety, and to keep their conditions at the highest standards, we recommend everyone participating in the interaction to avoid the use of jewelry and sunscreen. 

This will be a moment to be with the dolphins, so you won’t need anything else than your lifejacket and the excitement of living a unique experience. 

4. Yes, You Will be Very Close to the Dolphins 

Compared with interaction programs with other kinds of animals, when you're swimming with dolphins you can hug them, kiss them, touch them, play with them, and also let them take you for a ride so, as you can tell, you will be in extremely close contact with them. 

However, and even though they are very strong and big animals, there’s nothing to be afraid of because they love to be in touch with humans and enjoy gestures of love and affection. You will also discover their kindness and just how much they'll enjoy swimming next to you.

5. Sorry but... No Cameras!

We know that you might want to bring your aquatic camera or smartphone with you to take some pictures during your interaction. However, according to the policies of Delphinus, it's not allowed to bring any electronic devices with you to the interaction as to preserve the dolphins’ safety, as well as your own.

Also, dolphins are very curious species so, in the presence of strange objects, they could get distracted from the instructors' guide. 

Therefore, before going into the water you will have access to lockers where you can keep your things safe. 

Nevertheless, we know that this will be the kind of special moment that you would want to share with everyone you know. That's why we have personnel that can take professional pictures or videos for you. Ask for the photo packages at the end of the interaction. 

As you can see, we've already thought of everything to make sure you enjoy your swim with dolphins in Cancun to the fullest. 

Plan for the holidays and book in advance the interaction you like the most, to make sure that you live unique and different experiences during your vacations in the Mexican Caribbean.

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