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Delphinus swimming with dolphins in Puerto Morelos 5 reasons
August 27, 2019

5 Reasons to Choose Puerto Morelos to Swim with Dolphins

If you have visited Puerto Morelos, surely you're aware that the natural beauty of its beaches, the charm of its village streets, and the proximity to the second largest coral reef in the world, make this coastal city one of the jewels of the Mexican Caribbean. And when it comes to swimming with dolphins, the experience is even more special.

If you want to know why we say that the Delphinus' habitat located here is your best option to live an incredible interaction with these incredible sea creatures, here are 5 reasons:

  1. It's close to the best hotels and resorts

Just halfway down the freeway that connects Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos is a very accessible destination for all guests of Riviera Maya. Thus, the Delphinus habitat there is less than half an hour from the most famous resorts in the area, such as:

  • Azul Beach
  • Excellence Riviera Cancún
  • Dreams Riviera Cancún
  • Hotel Marina El Cid (¡a sólo unos pasos del hábitat de Delphinus!)
  • Ventus at Marina El Cid
  • Moon Palace
  • Now Jade Riviera
  • Ocean Coral & Turquesa
  • Royalton Riviera Cancún
  • Generations Riviera Maya

If you want to know the complete list, gives us a call, send WhatsApp or reach out our contact page by clicking this button:


  1. First-class facilitiesDelphinus Puerto Morelos habitat

The dolphin sanctuary in Puerto Morelos is the newest of the Delphinus family and therefore has the most comfortable and pleasant facilities for you to enjoy this experience to the fullest.

For example, while you wait for your swim to begin, you can hit the Fish Spa and receive a micro-massage on your feet (courtesy of Garra Rufa fish), a delight that relaxes, enhances blood circulation and helps to exfoliate. Give it a try!


  1. Comfort for your companions

Even though dolphins are considered the friendliest mammals in the marine world, some members of your family–like very young children–may not yet be ready to live the experience of swimming with dolphins on the water.

For this kind of situation, the Puerto Morelos habitat has a broad waiting area set with umbrellas and comfortable armchairs, from where your companions can see the whole interaction while enjoying some food and beverages at the Snack Bar. Who knows, maybe next time they feel encouraged to try the swim on their own.

  1. Interact with dolphins naturally!

Delphinus Puerto Morelos Nature Connection

Puerto Morelos is one of three Delphinus habitats that offers the Nature Connection swim program, a party for the senses where you and our dolphins will coexist in a freer and more natural way.

By being socketed to the marina bay, this habitat offers a broader interaction, and a roomier one too because it's limited to groups of four people.

Ride a transparent kayak, snorkel next to our dolphins, and marvel as they graciously approach you moved by their curiosity.

When the swim is finished, relax in our photo room while we indulge you with a soft bathrobe, a delicious cup of tea and a little present.

Connect with nature through dolphins >

  1. Savor gourmet dishes

Delphinus Puerto Morelos gastronomia-food

If you use a means of private transport, you should definitely stop by one of Puerto Morelos’ gourmet restaurants and enjoy the flavors of the local cuisine, either before or after your swim. Here are our top suggestions:

  • Lola y Moya. Mexican breakfast cafeteria, where you will feel right at home.
  • Chilpayas. Enjoy the exquisite flavor of the Veracruz cuisine distinguished by its shrimp cocktails, enchilpayado crab soup, and many more dishes.
  • Cafe Layla. A gluten-free & vegetarian breakfast and lunch menu, with a touch of Asian fusion.
  • The Burger Underground. The best 100% beef burgers in Puerto Morelos.
  • DK Puerto Morelos. A menu of global inspiration (with vegan options), that you can pair with delicious beverages like mezcal, tequila or many house cocktails.
  • La Sirena. A Mediterranean themed restaurant that mixes local ingredients with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy music and sporting events.

However you live your dream of swimming with dolphins in Puerto Morelos, there will always be reasons to come back to this place full of magic, natural beauty, fun, and great friends (both from the sea and on land) waiting for you with open arms.