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September 21, 2016

3 Tips for Swimming with Dolphins

If you are already decided about swimming with dolphins and you are ready for your holidays in Cancun, don’t miss out on these important tips that will make your experience unforgettable. Are you ready to know them?

Because we understand how important this experience is to you, we want to be sure that you know these 3 things that will make your experience of swimming with dolphins even more enjoyable. 

Tip 1: Don’t bring any electronic devices with you 

For everyone’s safety, do not bring your camera or cell phone with you. Since you will be in direct contact with the water, it will be impossible to use any kind of electronic device during their interaction. There are lockers in the habitats where you can keep your things safe. 

It is not only about keeping your devices safe, it is also about the dolphins’ safety, that of the habitat and the other visitors taking part in the experience. Don’t worry about keeping a memory of this experience! There are professional photographers that will be taking pictures of you. 

Tip 2: Choose your interaction depending on the kind of experience you want to live with our dolphins 

There are plenty of options for interacting with this amazing marine mammal, so you will have the opportunity to choose the right one for you. Each interaction has a specific purpose, all of them aim to make us aware of the importance of caring for our environment and understand the role we play on our planet, what you will learn from each interaction is different. 

For example, if you are coming with your family, you may be interested in Primax 4 or Splash interaction, which are for 4 or up to 10 people. 

If you are coming with children, there is an interaction called Dolphin Kids, where your children will enjoy a magical experience that they will remember all their life. 

Tip 3: Follow the instructions given by the Animal Care Specialists 

For you to really enjoy this experience, it is very important to follow all the instructions given by the Animal Care Specialists. 

The Animal Care Specialists will give you the necessary instructions for your interaction. Regardless of the interaction you will have chosen,  you will be given an introduction about what you need to know to swim with dolphins and will learn about this specie. 

Now that you know these tips, you are ready to live this unique experience. We want your next vacations in Cancun to exceed your expectations and swimming with dolphins will remain forever in your memory.

Swim with dolphins in Cancún